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Sorry Niggers


Name: Opie
Location: everywhere
Age: 19

Ten bands (to prove you're an elitist cunt): gg allin,nwa,2 dead sluts one good fuck,S.O.D., Macabre,jfa,rudimentary peni,charles manson,carcass,cypress hill

Promote yours or a friends band (to prove you're better than everyone): Cryptic Smegmatic Genitalia

What do you want to be when you grow up: Your friendly neighborhood drug dealer
What band does yours ripoff: yer mom
What would you bang if you weren't ugly: my dog
Do you wear makeup: sometimes..hell no not really
How do you get your hair to stay like that: well....its really hard sometimes i just have to wake up in the mornings.
The scene is gay... that's not a question: Yes..
If you were a color, what color would you be and why: N/A
Do you "bring the mosh": oh , yes

What's your most embarrassing story: One time I was looking under a cow and it peed. But thats not embaressing, i dont really get embaressed. Thats just the only story i can remember. OH YAH! One time I was at a water park and iwent down this big ass slide and when i came up i stood up andfor like a minuet ididnt notice but this boy was alughing at me and i look down and GASP! my tits were showing. Signing up for this shit was pretty homoerotic too. But im bored as hell. Plus it was funnygay

Make us cry: I gave you aids.

Atleast three pictures: I dont know how.
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